Creating Value – We make products to suit our customers' needs: with the materials and quality they demand at the prices they desire.

Factory Characteristics

Our factory’s distinguishing characteristics are its quality control system, which was honed and developed in the fastidious Japanese market, and its well-rounded material procurement and development capabilities.
Fully utilizing the latest information on materials and processing techniques from both China and Japan, the factory is actively engaged in developing and marketing new products and materials.
We strive to create new value—not simply as a textile factory, but also through working together with our customers.

Material Procurement

With local material manufacturers right here in Shandong Province serving as our main suppliers, we are also able to procure a wide range of high-quality materials from all over China—including the types of cloth material used in comforter covers, high-density materials used in down comforters, linens and gauzes that are perfect for summer bedding, high-quality silk materials, fleece and Mayer cotton materials that are ideal for winter bedding and so on.

Quality Control

We exercise thorough quality controls for every step of the production process—from the arrival inspections for incoming fabrics and materials right up to the moment when finished products are shipped. One example of this is that product specifications for cutting, sewing, inspection and packaging are all translated into Chinese to ensure that our factory employees can follow them to the letter. Final inspections for finished products are carried out from the customer’s point of view and we always take full responsibility for the disposal of surplus materials and nonconforming products generated during the OEM production process, in accordance with the customer’s instructions.