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Material Procurement

With local material manufacturers right here in Shandong Province serving as our main suppliers, we are also able to procure a wide range of high-quality materials from all over China—including the types of cloth material used in comforter covers, high-density materials used in down comforters, linens and gauzes that are perfect for summer bedding, high-quality silk materials, fleece and Mayer cotton materials that are ideal for winter bedding and so on.

Taking advantage of the unique qualities of each of the various fabric dye manufacturers in Shandong Province, Liaoning Province, Jiangsu Province and elsewhere, we can respond to a wide range of fabric dyeing needs—including reactive printing, pigment printing, scatter printing, solid dyeing and more. We can also respond to almost any material-related request—including top dyeing (in which the threads themselves are dyed), Jacquard weaving and dobby weaving, not to mention various types of knitted materials.

In addition, we have partnerships with several material manufacturers throughout China to procure functional materials with such popular features as cool to the touch sensation and temperature control. Through coordination with our head office in Japan, we can also develop new materials using a wide array of functional thread from spinning and synthetic fiber manufacturers in Japan.

Material Development: Examples

Ultra-Soft Two-Ply Gauze

This material was developed out of a sincere desire “to create a high-quality, fluffy and soft to the touch material right here in China.” Using fine-count Xinjiang cotton, we focused our efforts on dyeing and finishing as well as the texture of the finished material.

Micro Fleece

Unlike in clothing, typical comforter covers using raised materials tend to form numerous bobbles on their inner lining due to static electricity. The inner lining of our micro fleece material has been specially treated to reduce the formation of these bobbles. Using fine microfiber thread, we’ve also produced a nice and smooth finished material texture.

Micro Fiber Down Comforter Material

This soft, lightweight fabric material for down comforters uses extra-long staple cotton for its warp thread and fine micro fiber for its weft. As a result, it combines all of the benefits of both extra-long staple cotton and micro fiber. This material is very popular in Japan.

Thanks to partnerships with Japanese and Japanese-owned textile chemical manufacturers, we are able to utilize a wide range of Japanese-made processing agents in our products. Some of our most popular products include those that have been treated with natural moisturizing agents, such as camellia oil or rose hip oil. Of course, we only use processing agents that have been proven safe for use.

We are also able to provide a full range of functional insulation materials for use in quilted products through our partnerships with Japanese and Japanese-owned manufacturers—including antimicrobial deodorizing materials, mite-proof materials, deodorizing materials, moisture absorbing/fast drying materials, washable materials and more.
Absorbent cotton and washable wool insulation materials, sourced right here in China, are also very popular.