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Quality Control

Quality Control: Examples

We exercise thorough quality controls for every step of the production process—from the arrival inspections for incoming fabrics and materials right up to the moment when finished products are shipped. One example of this is that product specifications for cutting, sewing, inspection and packaging are all translated into Chinese to ensure that our factory employees can follow them to the letter. Final inspections for finished products are carried out from the customer’s point of view and we always take full responsibility for the disposal of surplus materials and nonconforming products generated during the OEM production process, in accordance with the customer’s instructions.


All fabrics and materials are inspected upon delivery.

Fabric Inspection ①:

Delivered materials are simultaneously tested in terms of their physical traits, fastness and so on by official inspection agencies.

Fabric Inspection ②:

We also perform our own in-house fabric checks.

Fabric Inspection ③:

Materials for down comforters are also measured for their air permeability.

Needle Management:

Sewing machine needles are replaced one by one and each replacement is recorded.
Bent or broken needles are reassembled and stored properly.

Hazardous Materials Management:

Hazardous materials are kept in a secure location and their removal and replacement is recorded in a ledger.

Quilted Product Insulation Material Management:

Before the quilting process begins, insulation material is visually inspected for the presence of foreign objects on a bottom-lit inspection table and also pre-tested for the presence of hazardous iron matter using a needle detector.

Product Inspection Process ①:

All products are thoroughly inspected following the completion of the sewing process. Compared with other factories of similar size and scale, our factory has roughly twice as many employees engaged in these inspections.
Outside inspections are also available at the customer’s request.

Product Inspection Process ②:

After the sewing process is complete, quilted products are once again visually inspected on a bottom-lit inspection table.

Product Inspection Process ③:

The sewing work on quilted comforters is tested and verified by pumping air inside to check the integrity of the stitching on the inner lining of each of the solid quilted sections.

Packaging Process:

Products are packaged according to the customer’s instructions.

Needle Detection Process:

Finally, all products are once again inspected for the presence of needles.

5S Activities

Having been quick to implement 5S activities, our company is constantly striving for continuous improvement.

The Sewing Techniques of Skilled Workers

At Qingdao Home Fashion Textile Co., Ltd., most of our employees are skilled workers from right here in Jimo City!
When it comes to the stability (reliability) of sewing techniques, there’s a huge difference between our factory and factories that have high annual employee turnover rates.